Our Mission

To act as a major producer of electrical energy for the Turkish Energy Market.

Our Vision

Producing electricity from natural gas by combined cycle with utmost care to the strictest information security, health and safety rules and environmental standards while maintaining the highest possible power plant availability is our goal.

While preserving our steady contribution to Turkish economy, we strive to attain highest levels in technology and to keep our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy establishment.

Our Core Principles

We have adhered to the below stated principles since our foundation and will adhere to in the future in order to be able to fulfill our mission:

Not to compromise general and professional ethics

To perform all our activities in compliance with the laws and regulations

To seek our competitive advantage and profit in perfection of our own management and technical skills

To train our employees in accordance with our culture to be creative, industrious and honest and to take care that our employees work as individuals who are self-confident, communicative, ready to exercise powers vested in them and assume responsibility

To ensure adequate protection to the vulnerabilities of the information confidentiality, integrity and availability, in order to reduce the impact to the acceptable levels

To be receptive to innovations, to implement state of the art technologies and always to seek for the better to achieve our goals

To ensure environmental impacts are minimized during the period from source to disposal or recycling for the purpose of environmental protection.

To strive for continuous development in all aspects of our actions

To be committed to implement “Zero Accident Policy”